Fashion Bridges Cultures, Staves off Hypothermia

My latest bright idea:

The Down Burqa!

You take the full, Afghan chadri (you know, the kind of burqa that just has a little, net opening to see out of – basically, a tent that your feet stick out the bottom of), and you make it out of the same puffy, down-filled, water-repellent nylon they use for parkas & sleeping bags. Then you line it with thinsulate.

Mmm… toasty! I think it could really catch on. Warmth & concealment (either for devotional or bad-hair purposes) in one tidy package.

The Midwest meets the Middle East.

Hockey mom meets… Imam?

We could make them in all kinds of colors & get L.L. Bean to offer monogramming.

 Start corralling investors. I’ll fire up the sewing machine.

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One response to “Fashion Bridges Cultures, Staves off Hypothermia

  1. Ha ha! I think anyone in Ohio would appreciate that. I’ve considered wearing a Burqa to disguise myself as I walk from one side of the house to the other so that Isaac doesn’t scream as soon as he sees me. Don’t worry, he screams because he wants me and just realized that the toys he was JUST playing with are no longer cool–not because I frighten him. 🙂

    Oh, and I know this is from last year, but I’m trying to catch up so I figured I should start from the beginning.

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