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Mercifully Glueless

Yesterday we had a very successful children’s event with Olivia the Pig (from Ian Falconer’s popular storybooks http://www.indiebound.org/book/9780689829536) as a costumed character. If you think you may encounter Olivia yourself some time in the future, know this: Her ears are huge. Seriously, she has an ear-span of at least three-and-a-half feet and inadvertently swept pictures from the walls, got stuck in doorways, and had a near miss with a fluorescent light fixture, prompting one of our vegetarian employees to predict: “mmm… bacon.”

The kids really liked her. There were one or two who felt overwhelmed by her looming presence, but she was pretty popular. The young’uns made a book mark craft & ate pizza & heard stories and went home happy. All 50 or 60 of them.

I am still recovering. Literally – stomach flu has been going around the lower grades this week and you guessed it, I got it. I’d planned all sorts of projects for today, but this is probably the only one I’ll get to.

On the up side – the craft portion of yesterday’s festivities left our basement-level event space blessedly free of glue. Self-adhesive stickers are a wonderful thing. I often ask Suzanne (who does all of the hands-on stuff involved with our events for children, because she is a saint), how she manages not to wind up in a veritable pool of glue and paint and uncooked macaroni by the time a craft-event is over. Why don’t we just cover the kids in glue as soon as they walk  in the door & then roll them in glitter? You get the same effect. It’d be a real time saver.

This time there was no glue or glitter, and though today I am drained and wan, there are no sparkly bits stuck in my hair. That’s so nice.

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