Books Make the Man

I have observed a trend.

[Please Note: these observations do not reflect the opinion of anyone else at the book shop. We’re not all big meanies; it’s just me.]

Maybe it’s more of a correlation. It’s weird. It does not happen one-hundred percent of the time, but enough to make me wonder what the heck is going on.

The pattern goes like this: 

Somebody comes in to pick up a special order. They have ordered The Anarchist’s Cookbook, maybe – or The Monkey Wrench Gang. This person will chat with us at the counter if we are not busy, about things like the weather, how local sports teams are doing, the school play, or what sort of year we think it will be for tomatoes. Then they pay for their book and leave.

Somebody else comes in. They are picking up Global Warming and Why It Is a Big Lie or How the Left Is Keeping Everyone from Having Any Fun at All. This person wants to tell you all about how global warming doesn’t exist. In detail. These are not tinfoil-hat-wearing fanatics. These are nice people who I know (sort of) and whose families I really like. They are good customers. But under these circumstances they somehow morph into the Jehovah’s Witnesses of pseudo-science.

Again, the guy buying Growing Hemp for Fun & Profit asks how your mom is doing and then goes on his way. But A Bold Fresh Piece of What-have-you wants to instruct me on the fine points of how we’d be better off turning the entire state of Alaska into one big oil well.

I don’t get this at all. I’m not trying to say that there aren’t good people and annoying ones on both sides of just about every question –environmental and otherwise-  this is just my observation. And all I can say is it’s weird.

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